Blume Season is a limited collection of no-sew (no sewing required) pieces precisely cut, painted, and beaded by the artist herself.

The name of this collection is inspired by the light and comfortable feeling in the air when flowers bloom.

Each piece from Blume began as a pattern made of Kraft paper with notes for measuring and cutting. Next, the pattern was carefully traced onto the fabric then cut by hand. As the grand final touch, Torin painted beautifully shaped tulips across the piece. 

Torin's process requires great patience given each item can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to create. This allows her to put intention into each piece. Those blessed to wear Blume Season can feel the quality in these one of a kind garments. 

Adjustable ties allow the Blume Season collection  to flatter all body  shapes and sizes. Each tie can be tightened to provide extra support or loosened to give the dress a relaxed feel. 

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