Artist Statement

Since I was four years old, my grandma would always say that I would be an artist just by noticing my "way of living". She passed before that passion bloomed into fruition, but her words manifested into who I am today, a creative. 

My life as a child was chaos, and art was a safe space to express my emotions on a blank canvas. As years passed, I began experimenting with various mediums to continue processing the world around me. One of those mediums happened to be sewing, which I became enamored with. Since designing my own clothing line, Blume Season, I have rid myself of past insecurities, and helped other women love themselves inside and out. I am only twenty-four, and therefore have much more to create, so I am very happy that I now feel confident and comfortable to share my pieces, and I look forward to continuing my journey with all of you.


Torin Ashtun is a Long Beach based artist whose vibrant works captivate people all over. Her long list of mediums include painting, sewing/design, sculpting, and writing. 

Ashtun's current inspiration flows from the distinct bell-shaped Tulips, which are often featured in her works to create a common story throughout each medium, such as her oil and acrylic paintings, and clothing line, Blume Season.

Torin has been featured in multiple articles, such as Vogue, Rose Inc., Rat & Boa, and LoQ, as well as collaborated with multiple fashion brands, such as MANGO and H&M.


Born in Long Beach, California

Lives and works in Long Beach, California 

Solo Exhibitions

2021          Reach for the Moon Aim for the Stars, curated by Torin Ashtun, B.S. Gallery, Long Beach

2021          Meet the Brown Silhouettes, curated by Jessie Andrews, Tase Gallery, Los Angeles

2022         Brown Silhouette’s “Last” Art Show, curated by Torin Ashtun, B.S. Gallery, Long Beach

Group Exhibitions 

2021          Sensory Interactive Art, curated by Shalandrea Houchen, Orthodox Gallery, Los Angeles

2022          The Phoenix Salon ‘N Barbershop, curated by Shalandrea Houchen, Sole Folks Art Gallery, Los Angeles 


2020          Online, Vogue, January

2020          Online, Rose INC, April

2021            Print, Spur Magazine, October

2022           Print, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, April

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